During their adventures, the heroes encountered a young, terrible white dragon by the name of Vitaxe. Despite (or perhaps because of) its low intelligence, Vitaxe assailed them before any parlay and cost them the life of their ally and party treasurer, Vadero. He also nearly killed the lot of them, were it not for vicious combat which brought him low.

One of the final blows was struck by one of the unforged “Titan’s Blood” weapons the adventurers had acquired. With nothing to lose, Bariq repeatedly thrust the edge into the dragon’s back, holding on while it tried to buck him off. When it finally perished, something strange happened – it was as if the soul of the young dragon was absorbed into the malleable axe, empowering it with the power of frost while damning the beast to an eternity of torment within.

Lacking true intelligence, Vitaxe communicates raw emotion to its wielder; unfortunately, this emotion is often a thirst for vengeance against the living and, more accurately, the “warm-blooded.” It can perceive such in a small area around it, getting colder to the touch the more potential victims are near. Though not as smart as the other dragons, Vitaxe was just as spiteful and greedy…characteristics that transferred to its current incarnation. While it is “happy” taking the lives (and heat) from any creature, it relishes in ending the lives of those who represent lawfulness and virtue; oddly enough, Vitaxe becomes warm when it has glutted itself on the blood of the best and brightest of Gaia…but never for too long. That being said, any who help it end warm-blooded lives find themselves resistant to the frost its kin are known for.

Weapon Type: Hand Axe
Damage: 1d6 Slashing + 1d4 Cold Damage
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Other Bonuses: When attuned to Vitaxe and sharing alignment (being either chaotic or evil), its wielder is gains resistance to Cold damage.


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