Legendary - War of the Gods

Legend's End

The Age of Mortals

Athena explains the truth of the cycle. When the gods war, one deity ascends and this conflux of powers summons the Primoridial’s champion who resets this world.

The current gods stole their power from the Daughter of the Primordials, Hecate, particularly the Maiden aspect. So that’s why Hecate was doing all this.

But the good aligned gods seek to restore the balance by giving back the power.

Athena says “No doubt you’ve faced the forces of Hades, but have you seen once Zeus take action? I have no doubt that he has made a dark bargain to become the champion of the Primordials.”

The good-aligned deities propose a ritual to transfer their powers to us, we will then be the ones to defend the world. Because we are yet mortal, we may be able to break this cycle because the power is freely given.

When we accept this power, we get a fancy bauble to pop to get one free resurrection. And then most of the gods turn into Cthonic entities. Because why? I don’t know.

Athena tells us that we need to use Poseidon’s corpse as a focus for the ritual. Only thing is we need is a Poseidon’s corpse. He has gone mad with hunger for deity blood.

So we go to kill the Kraken!

The gods are rousing up a rear guard action while we go to fight the Kraken of Rhodes.

After a tense battle in which Tuber turned into a giant eagle and turned Friendzy into a red dragon wyrmling, and Mitzusa drops a blistering 48 fire damage in one turn. Eyms shoots himself into the maw of the Kraken. Electa got swallowed whole.

As we figure out which areas to stab the ritual blades, the gods circle around us to help complete the ritual. The energy forms a ball of energy which we absorb and then our planeswalker sparks get ignited and we see the multiverse, but then the gods get slain and we get pulled back from the ritual only to find Zeus Big Dick being all arrogant. Electa charges Zeus and gets slapped down to 1 hp. Eyms gets impaled on Zeus’s sword. Tuber grabs the corpse and the nearly-dead Electa and tries to fly off. Mitzusa, ever the schemer, tries to appease Zeus, and succeeds, bringing us to full health.

We fight the godflesh golem and win. Mitzusa starts throwing out fireballs like popcorn. Electa uses her giant harpoon…gun to great effect. Eyms drops a 12 dice on a crit. And Tuber sends Hades to Hades with a lightning bolt.

Now the Mortals have Slain the Gods.


JasonChapa cimedacachris

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