Legendary - War of the Gods

Legendary Session 8

"If it's not Bariq, don't fix it..."

Legendary Session 8:

Having collected many of the plot tokens, we hop into the Dragon Wagon and head south toward Abderos when we come across a sight of viscera and gore along the road. It seems to be a pile of skulls. They seem to have been decapitated, and while Eyms and Mitzusa poking around the bones, a familiar, if badly charred, minotaur corpse rises up behind them, and he brought a few friends. Mitzy does a light(ning) show, Bariq Vitaxes some questions, and Eyms shows people why if the dragon wagon’s a’rocking, don’t come a’knocking.

We find lodged in the skeletons 4 diamonds worth 250 gold each. We also find a pair of spectacles (Eyes of Charming), a messy looking hat (hat of disguise), and a dagger with an intricately carved face on it (a dagger of warning) and a godsblood sickle +1 (). The skull of Osgow is also there and he tells us he was sent here by Hades to get revenge. We mount his head on the back of the wagon as break lights.

Abderos is not a very large town, but it’s a very lawful good city, founded on the honor of Hercules. Eyms loves it. There’s a lot of rabblerousing, whirlwind romances, and cooking classes, but we go to the commander’s office, but apparently there is a fight for the control. It’s a meritocracy, and the apparent leader has claimed to have slain a medusa living in the cave. He claims to have buried the head. When we go to find it, something has stolen it. Turns out he was lying. We talk to the medusa and she’s a servant of Hecate, but she doesn’t immediately attack us, she tells us that Hecate has bigger fish to fry, apparently. The titan’s blood apparently doesn’t come from titans, but from something greater. Apparently, the gods are not nearly as powerful as they claim. Something something stars are aligning, Cthulu.

Eyms goes off into a corner, taking a bit of the spotlight to try to choose his religion and finds that Hera isn’t talking to him anymore. Screw her! Eyms knows the path of righteousness, and he doesn’t need a god for that. He’ll make his own pantheon. With blackjack and hookers!

But then we rebuff her attempts to sway us from the path, and she attacks, turning Bariq into statuary. The rest of the party slays the beast, and we seek out the Abderans to save Bariq but when we return, his statue is gone. Don’t worry, I’m sure Bariq will return later, with long flowing hair or a scar and bitchin’ tattoos, all kitted out in black leather, to face us just before we reach the Well of Souls or something like that. In its place we find 4,500 gp, a ring of regeneration, a staff of thunder and lightning, a dancing sword, and a spellguard shield. Eyms takes control of the legion, and they march south! We gain a new party member as well.

25000 + 9,000 = 34,000 Level 8!


JasonChapa cimedacachris

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