Legendary - War of the Gods

Legendary Session 14

Out of the Frying Pan

Democritus speaks to us while tending the wounded, letting us know that the world is still out of chaos and we still have Hades, Hecate, and possibly Zeus.

While we deal with this, the red armored folks come charging over the hill. It’s those Zarovich-guys, the forces of the Blood Militant. They request our aid to fight the Forces of the Moon and the Uranian Brotherhood and there’s something weird with Things from Beyond the Mountains.

We are given some Unobtanium in the form of the Blood of Kupala, a Falcon, and an invitation to follow the Northwest Passage.

Mitzusa and Electa are down for going to kill things, but Eyms wants to go ask some questions of Democritus, who is with the Smith friend, who is actually Hephaestus, huh. (I was clearly blindsided by this). Hef, to his friends. He offers to forge weapons from the Kupala blood that would allow us to fight the Primordials (the Things from Beyond the Mountains). These Primordials are going to return and grind this world to dust if we let them.

Electa gives the great idea to take our armies to tear down our enemies. We meet with the generals, and the Northmen, Abderans, and Osterans want to go home, the Marianists are free to come with us, and the Istruans are in it for the money. We take the Marianists with us as a way to build their reps.

Decius Pastor sends a guard of 50 some of the best soldiers to guard our supply train. So we’re on a “diplomatic” mission to get more information. On the roads, our scouts encounter an abomination who the legions can deal with, or we can.

It’s a chimera, and we dispatch it handily.

We meet a group of lycanthropes who call Eyms “the Outcast”. It turns out that they’re fleeing the Carpathians who are driving them out of their lands. Guess the werewolves are worshipers of Hera, and so it seems like they may be potential allies later, maybe?

We get to these giant walls, and more blood knights are there, and we can definitely see that Castle Hunadorum is miles away from the gates. We walk through hamlets from sunrise to sunset, and the people seem malnourished, working themselves to the bone, but there doesn’t seem very much compulsion for them. The soldiers, even them, seem to be compelled to drill, and they fight animated skeletons in Roman armor. It’s like we’re in a call center atmosphere.

They are also fighting against a werebear.

These people are kinda dicks. We get to a tavern and are given a free room. We talk to a worker there, who says that he’s lost many cousins to the Moon-Mad; another worker says that when the new Vyvod, Livia, came into power, she cancelled all debts and says that’s how he came out of debtors prison in the promise to work the land (hence their working).
Livia was born of the noble land, she refused to drink of the corrupted cup.

The Vyvod practices mortal sacrifice to keep the spirit of the land sated. “The Chosen People” are allowed one year of complete pleasure, but after that, they are sacrificed.

The Blood Militant, the army of the land, was formed recently to fight the Moon-Mad whose numbers had swollen. In the past months, it seems the lycanthrope’s numbers have swollen.

A Blood Militant recruit speaks of the Uranian Brotherhood, who promise to free the lands from the tyranny of the sacrifices.

When we arrive to Castle Hunadora, it’s a massive castle that’s been carved from the mountain itself.


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