Vadero spent more than a century “administrating” the vast reserves of coin used for the day-to-day upkeep of the Thracian Salt Mines. When they fell to disrepair and collapse, no one bothered to let him know. And so Vadero began to make friends (and enemies) among the impulses in his magnificent brain. There’s Vadaro, the ascetic whom views any indulgence of hunger or pleasure as terrifying; Vadareo, the noble banker who only wishes to do his job handling deposits; Vadarough, the corrupt banker who always skims a little off the top when it comes to withdrawals; and Nan-seigh, the group’s secretary seemingly pieced together from memories of either the Salt Mine’s last secretary or his summoner. Vadero sees himself as the manager of this ragtag bunch of personalities; he’s not above blasting them with his terrible “eyebeam” if any of them get out of line.

It’s not recommended that you speak to Vadero for any length of time; his favorite (non-bank related) topic is the true names and domains of the Gods. In his opinion, it is not Zeus but the ‘Great Mother’ who rules all. Sometimes she speaks to him. The words that aren’t obscene border on blaspheme, even for the agnostics and stoics among his acquaintances.

Vadero met its end when Vitax, the Devourer of Sheep, unleashed his frost breath upon the heroes and their caravan. He was quickly avenged, but was denied funerary rites when his body returned to its home dimension.


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