The Uranian Brotherhood

In the lands of east of the Danube, not all bow to Loyalists of Kupala or the Monotheists of the Sands. The oldest of the gods still have devout followers, and among the strongest one will find the Uranian Brotherhood. While it is uncertain if their god represents Zeus, Cronus or some other primal divinity (only known as the All-Father), they represent bloodlines of Boyars who have not participated in the rituals to placate the ‘Spirit of the Lands’ or bent knee to the ‘Old Men of the Mountain.’ In peaceful times, the voivode of voivodes would gather their most loyal blood knights and eliminate them from the lands; in these most tumultuous of final nights, the Brotherhood has a fair chance of taking back the lands from abominable spirit-worshippers that claim dominion. While some see them as liberators from the sacrifices to Kupala, others see them as misguided fools disrupting the balance of power in the lands at best and pawns of ‘the things beyond the mountains’ at worst.

Motto: “For the All-Father of Creation!”
Beliefs: The Uranian Brotherhood can be summarized as follows:

  • The land and its people must be protected from those who would abuse it for nefarious ends.
  • Magic not gifted from the All-Father comes from spirits that are not to be trusted.
  • Bow to not outsider.
    Goals: Liberate (or usurp) the holdings of Boyars who worship (or supplicate) any Spirit of the Lands. Restore faith in the All-Father among the people of the lands through word and deed. Exorcise and extinguish any dark and vile magic from the lands, regardless of its intent.


  1. Squire – Usually young men and women who take the Oath of Service to an Errant.
  2. Errant – Former squires who have saved the life of their superior and take a more active role in adventuring.
  3. Companion – Errants who have felled a superior foe, earning friendship of all within the Brotherhood.
  4. Knight – Companions who have performed great service to the land, in exchange for no reward and in the name of the Brotherhood.
  5. Viceroy – The Knight who has been elected among all their Brother and Sister Knights, to serve as their General against the forces of the Spirits of the Lands.

The Uranian Brotherhood

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