The Cult of Hecate


Comprised of desperate mortals across the lands, the Cult of Hecate believes that, should Hecate ascend to the Olympian Throne, she will deliver the lands from the rule of ignorance and tyranny. She will become the Mother, replacing the fallen Gaia as the universe’s caretaker and usurping Zeus as a better parent of humanity. Magic, once thought to be a gift from the Gods given to those who deserve it, should be wielded by all, they say. With it, the entirety of creation belongs to her and her children.

Motto: “True madness lies among the ignorant; true wisdom lies with the Mistress.”
Beliefs: The Cult of Hecate’s beliefs can be summarized as follows:

The world is doomed, and all of its inhabitants will share its fate.
Doom does not mean the end, if the Mistress is empowered with means to lead her followers to salvation.
All other ‘gods’ are liars who seek to deny true enlightenment.

Goals: To convert more of the mortal populace throughout Greece to worship of Hecate. To propagate magic throughout the lands and imbue those worthy of wielding it into service of the Mistress. To bring the most ferocious of forces into her service.


Initiate – One must profess faith in the Mistress above all other deities.
Acolyte – An initiate must survive the Test of Faith to ascend above the laity.
Priest – An acolyte must survive the Test of Wisdom to access true knowledge.
Chosen – A priest must survive the Test of Power to be among Hecate’s favored.

The Cult of Hecate

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