Legendary - War of the Gods

Legendary Session 13
Princes of the Universe

Legendary Session 13:
The Fall of Sparta?

Sparta will stand or fall, based on our decisions… and dice rolls.

There is a wave of bloodlust rolling through both sides, and the various priests find that their supplicants are not praying for victory, but for battle.

Vultures, both literal and figurative are circling, awaiting.

It is a blood moon, and even the day clouds are tinged red.

Every so often, there is a sort

Wis or Int +Proficienty, DC 14, +1 for every failure.

10 success wins a battle.

Before the battle, Psuedo-Sulla steps out and tries to parley, but Eyms talks back to him.

The battle soon turns against the Romans as Eyms soon falls prey to the bloodlust. He’s got the bloodlust, just like Columbus. He tells his half-orcs that the Romans called them half-men, and to turn them into literal halves of men. He tells the Abderans that they were called boy-lovers, so take it out on their assholes. The Thracians and half-orcs and the Marianists fall prey to the same bloodlust.

Eventually, the heroes manage to rein in their emotions and turn the tides of their troops; Mitzusa pulls a compression algorithm on the male troops “spears” while Tuber creates water for wet t-shirt contests for the ladies. Hey. Whatever works, am I right?

Mars comes down from skies, and gives the heroes the chance to join or die.

Eyms tells Mars that he’d rather die a man than live as a dog at his feet. Tuber had her monkeys fling poo at him. Mitzusa told him that gods were replacable.

After Electa and Eyms get knocked down to zero hp a few times and we use up all our spell slots and superiority dice and blow our magic items. It’s Tuber, in Eagle form, deals the felling blow. The fallen god tells us we have doomed the world by not following the script. Eyms performs the coup de grace with his Godslayer, which turns into the Sword of God’s Slaughter. With the final blow, Mars/Ares implodes, scattering the crew. The party absorbs some of the energy of slaughter, and Eyms, exposed to this chaos, finds his belief in the great Logos slipping (and his alignment slides into neutral good, almost chaos side). We gain two levels.

Legendary Session 12
Pay the Ferryman

Legendary Session 12: Pay the Ferryman.

With our amassed rainbow coalition legions, we march on Sparta, where we are met by a Spartan messenger, bearing a scroll. It brings news that the Romans have begun their final assault after a failed attempt of diplomacy.

Decius Pastor, the Northmen Council, and the various Legion leaders, are divided upon a course of action. Rome remains a force in the West, and could mount a counterattack if given a time

Legions can send a third of their legions to attack, leaving a sizable force for defense afterwards. Also, the reduced size would be faster to enter the fray, maybe giving enough time for the Spartans to engage in a counter attack.

Full Assault: Slow to get there, where the Spartans may get killed. And also, the legions would likely get hurt.

Send One Whole Legion supplemented by 1/5th of all the legions. It will rely solely on the Spartans for the attack.

When pressed, Pastor says that even if Sulla is slain, there will be more conquerors eventually, but in this time, we’d buy a little bit of time.

We come up with a 4th option, involving sending our Romans in as trojan horses.

Off in the distance, we see a large obelisk standing among several fallen oblesisk. It’s glowing a faint white light. As Eyms approaches the obelisk, he knows it’s an Obelisk of Hera. There is a rustling in the woods, and four people emerge from within, one hunched over and bent. One glares at us, baring a mouth with nothing but the canines. The female is quite beautiful, but is looking through us, not at us. “You should leave,” she says.

Apparently, Hera has been building these obelisks as wards for the great eventuality. (It’s a cut scene explaining the deaths of Aphrodite and Pan in game).

Eventually, we arrive at a really large river, which is strange, because there are normally no rivers here. We find that the river smells clean, but it’s so large it appears to be an ocean. (Mitzusa bottles some of the water). We can find no way across it. As day turns to night, a ferry comes out of the mists, coming from the south. It is manned by a skeleton in armor and a captain’s hat, coming up from beneath the river. It says that we must pay the price of Wisdom, Wonder, and War.

Eventually, we pay the tolls (Eyms and Mitzusa answer riddles, Tuber pays with the knowledge of her spell Call Lightning for a time, and Electa, unbeknownst to the others, has the price of killing Sulla).

The city of the parley site is really depressing, filled with urchins. Apparently, because it has been neutral, it’s been a bad place to live in because no one wants to help them out.

While the party carouses, Electa finds out that the Roman Senate is losing faith in Sulla, especially because there are rumors of Dark Centurions, led by an undead leader, possibly Marius come back from the Dead. Tuber makes an enemy. Mitzusa gets a lover who travels with us. There are new Gods, Eyms finds, who are more of concepts (like the God of Conquest and Mother of Wisdom) rather than actual names.

Sulla arrives, and sends us words to meet in a manse across the street from an abandoned temple of Roman gods.

Clad in glorious golden armor, a red-haired, ruggedly handsome man stands there as we enter. As Eyms approaches him, he recognizes that he radiates a dark aura.

“I appreciate that you have come to parley with honor,” he says. He explains that he is like Sisyphus and the boulder he pushes is the boulder of destiny, and that fate has a terrible destiny for all mortals. War priests have taken the place of Ares’s church. The God of Conquest, who was thought as Mars, but it seems it is becoming greater. (OOC: Xenagos). There is one outcome that must stopped, according to Sulla, is that Mars must not ascend. In order to do so, Mars must have a slaughter. So there are two options, according to Sulla. Defeat the legions, but grant clemency in order to keep the slaughter low, or let Sparta die. Eyms disagrees, and says the only way is to demoralize the Romans to prevent the God of Conquest from trying again. Sulla says he can’t honorably do that. Meanwhile, while the faceoff is happening, Electa decides to pay the ferryman. Roll for initiative!

After we drop Sulla to 0 HP, he turns into mist. Thankfully, Electa had cast a spell letting her track him, and we track him down to his super sekret lair, only to find him in the tentacles of Nega-Bariq. Nega-Bariq knocks Electa out when she tries to attack him for killstealing. He offers us a job again, but Mitzusa gets radiant fireball power from Athena, so Bariq leaves.

2500 exp gets us 50,500 exp
4000 gp
Gladius of Sulla: a short vorpal sword. A Book of Leadership of Influence, .

Legendary Session 11: Manuel of Flesh Golems
or How Long Can a Halfling Hold Her Breast

Legendary Session 11: Manuel of Flesh Golems (or How Long Can a Halfling Hold Her Breast)

So we have slain the dragon, and cowed many of the inhabitants, but we are now at the top of an angry beehive.

We go into a room and it is a treasure room filled with more gold than we’ve ever seen. We manage to cross a bunch of pit traps, only taking minimal damage.

Adjacent is a magical armory, which Electa wanders into like the uncouth barbarian she is, and Mitzusa, distracted by dem titties, mentions, too late, that there are magical guardian armors of helmed horrors. We slay them and earn 2,000 experience for the encounter. Eyms picks up the pieces and collects a complete, if mismatched suit, of adamantine armor. We find an ivory statuette of a dire ram (goat). There’s also a Sword of Dragon Slaying. There’s some Hide Armor +2 which Tuber dons, a Ring of Spell Storing which Mitzusa puts on, and Electa gets a vampiric bow.

We enter the door to the north and find a horrifying operating theater filled with flayed bodies and tinctures all around and the Propnonomnicon. Also, there’s a Manual of Flesh Golems and a Book of Bodily Health. 2 1st Level, 2nd Level, and 3rd level spell scrolls, respectively, and 1 4th and 5th level spell scroll respectively. Mitzusa gets totally engrossed in the book, so Electa straps Mitzusa to her chest where she can snuggle up and keep decoding.

A wizard Timon Baal comes running in while the rest of the party is studying the book, and Eyms tripped him up and put him to the question. The wizard doesn’t know much about the book, except that it is of great evil and vile darkness. He knows of a Shrine of Hecate in this temple, and it’ll will disrupt her connection to her servants.

We enter into the throne room, and disarm the trap. One Statue is a Maiden Fair, One Statue is the Mother, and one is the Crone. Each is a statue of another Goddess, but only one can be purified. Or does it? We manage to try to cleanse all of them, but we only succeed in cleansing one. Meanwhile, Eyms gets his cursed modified, and he gains control of shapeshifiting from Hera for trying to cleanse the altars.

We lead Timon back to his laboratory, and it turns out he should have been named Victor Frankenstein. He promises us to have his flesh golem fight on our side. While the party is arguing about what to do with this knowledge, Timon throws the heart into the golem (because he couldn’t resist) and it… doesn’t spring to life, so Timon is all “Well, shit,” until the golem springs to life with purple light and punches Timon into the wall.

The golem is Hades, and he offers us a job to be his reapers, and that the gods, or “the beings you call gods” [Dun dun dun!] have been fighting for ascension rites, but Hades has been playing the long game all this time and he’s got a long con going on.

We go to a palanthir and we talk to Sulla who is actually rather charismatic. He agrees to parley with us in secret.

Deicide Infinito
The End of Things, Part II

“I don’t think you’ve thought things through,” Aphrodite said, fighting tears as Zeus felled the last of her defenders with relative ease. In preparation for the darkness ahead, the goddess had gathered the strongest of her most devout and encouraged them to indulge in their lusts. In between revelry, they had fortified Cypress for any navy that Ares could muster and had sent diplomats to hammer out peace on the mortal side of things with the Romans. Her divine magic allowed for the opinions of many to be swayed in her favor, and those who held onto contrasting faith were exiled. She thought she was safe, but the King of All Gods did not need a navy to overwhelm her island’s defenses.

Upon a massive kraken, Zeus assailed the island’s fortifications. His own, more destructive magics wreaked havoc upon defenders who did not meet their ends in the gaping maw of the gigantic beast. The city was beset with an army of merrow, nefarious seafolk who worshipped terrible beasts such as the one that was dominated by Zeus. And when the remaining forces retreated to the temple-fort that held Aphrodite and her most loyal retinue, the God-King stepped from the top of the kraken’s head and turned to his own forces.

“I will finish this myself, to show the world the might of my wrath,” he said to the Kraken and its worshippers. It was unclear if he intended the message as a threat to them or prophecy. Sufficiently cowed, the beasts retreated to the sea save for the Kraken, which seemed, for some reason, to consider the statement for longer than the rest. It then sloughed back to its dominion, leaving Zeus to blast open the huge gates of the temple-fort with intense, white-hot lightning. Though the gladiators that defended Aphrodite were among the most fierce in the land, they were not a unified fighting force on par with any legion, and one-by-one were pierced with either his thunderbolt or the trident he wielded in the other hand. Aphrodite’s handmaidens chanted, hoping to unleash misbegotten divine wrath on the tyrant, but to no avail. One thunderclap knocked all of them to the ground, shattering the bones in their bodies. Finally, he approached the altar of the goddess herself. She dropped to her knees, realizing at that moment the futility of both their situations.

“You are doing what has been done numerous times before,” Aphrodite said.

“Coming from you, that is quite the understatement,” the God-King responded, her pleas falling on deaf ears. His arrogance gave him pause, hoping to hear more begging for mercy.

“How can you not see, you are…”

When they did not come, he pierced her with both weapons. He then lifted her up, letting her body become further impaled upon them. Her blood began to drip down them, before he began to chant incantations that were vaguely familiar to the Goddess, in her last moments of life.

“Those words…you mon,” were the last things she said, before he twisted the blades inside her and caused her to scream in pain. The divinity within her form was violently ripped from her, causing much of it to be lost to entropy as the blood that did not land on Zeus blackened. Soon, the tyrant dropped his weapons and let her lifeless body fall to the ground. Placing his hands on his chest, the absorption of her power gave him pleasure he had not felt in millennia.

When he saw how much of her power had been lost, he wondered to himself.

“There has got to be a more…efficient way.”

Legendary Session 10
Your Ass Must Be Dragon.

Legendary Session 10:

We get a messenger from the Scions of the Great Kupla offering us aid for an unspecified favor.
To the East of the Danube, Mitzusa knows there are variants of the Northmen who are rulers of the land who are not neccesarily benign rulers, but who keep things running and possibly truck with malign spirits who maybe require sacrifices of their own people. We ask for more questions for the unspecified favor (we punt the ball for a later session, hopefully for no ill effects)

Outside of Megalopolis, the Gleaming Goat is a tavern that serves as a meeting place for the resistance. Electa and Tuber go scout out the tavern. Electa finds a man who seems to be in charge of the resistance and manages to try a seduction roll which actually works out. She leads him to the Dragon Wagon.

His name is Julius Aurelius Grauchus. He is a spy from the Marian faction. Apparently the city is in chaos. The Praetor Typonhicus, took control of the city with a secret strike. But there is a guerrila resisantcance, but the Romans are trucking with Southern allies who are inhuman and serpentine, and have been setting up shrines to the Cult of Set.

We set up a montage wherein Eyms and Tuber start observing the Romans (and find nothing), and Electa and Mitzusa find sympathetic Greeks who are being flogged and a brothel which has been taken over by Settites.

We find a passage into the fort through the dungeon and we run into a pair of vampires and we find a pair of strange pipes (pipes of haunting) on their decapitated corpses. We climb up the body chute and run into a grand inquisitor of Set torturing a body. Eyms manages to stare it down, and gets a pass up to see Typhonicus. The heroes pass a bunch of really bad shit. Before we get there, Eyms asks for a bath to wash all the shit off of them, and gets led to an indulgence chamber of all the kinds of decadence. It feels as though this decadence is a ritual chamber which is giving power to the dark guards. All the ladies fail their will saves and join the party. Eyms cries sad tears.

We get taken to Typhonicus’s office, and he makes the same Hecate offer that the medusa made. We refuse him again and guess what, he’s a dragon.

He chooses to kill us himself in order to take our experiences into himself. Eyms pops his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (luckily the dragon makes its save). But Tasha’s Hideous Laughter rolls it around hilariously until Electa mounts its back. Tuber tries to summon a wolf but gets an awesome Winter Wolf as a creature, which dies in a literal blaze of glory, soaking up a full round of dragon attacks as Mitzusa keeps dropping tons of magic sex missiles (don’t ask) on the creature. Eyms silences the dragon at last, sending him tumbling into the doric or ionic columns, forcing the party to hide out in the treasure room until the next adventure zone.

Deicide Enorme
The End of Things, Part I

Pan was livid. The numerous cults in his name were dwindling, their members either converting to other gods for protection or being destroyed outright by agents of his rivals. The revelries were still happening, but they were in the name of ‘the end of times’ instead of ‘the God of Celebration.’ He had been forced to inspire the mortals more, and had been sending out more satyrs to propagate among them in hopes of having more loyal childer than fair-weather followers. As such, he still held onto his domain of revelry, but the situation left him more taxed than ever before. So Pan decided it better to retreat to his grove, hoping that the nymphs would energize him. He would regret their sacrifice, but desperate times called for it. He would take their remains and make more, when he had enough power to do so.

When he arrived, the God of Celebration was floored by its state. The vegetation was burned to the ground, with many trees and bushels still burning with green balefire. The mortals that had tended to them were slaughtered, though in such a manner that did not betray any suffering. Their deaths were too quick, he thought, to act as sacrifices. No, that fate belonged to the very nymphs he was there for; their beauty had been defiled by dark magic, and all resembled statues of hags in various states of pain. Pan could sense no magic emanating from them, save for one who he had caught in the act of debasement.
The creature responsible for this carnage had a tendril wrapped around the nymph, draining her life-force and causing so great a suffering that she could do nothing but stare at her God in hopes that he would deliver her from this evil. Pan took a step back and turned his head down, rejecting her plea for salvation and condemning her to such a cruel fate. Before he could drop to all fours and flee, the terrible being called out to him.

“Pan…where do you think there is to go? All of your groves will become ours. All of your followers will bow to us. And your name will be forgotten. You will be a god no longer. And the Mistress will have to do nothing to end your reign. You best run and hide, since this world has no use for you. Perhaps the next will, if you can survive when they come.”

“Like your Mistress thinks she can? She does not understand what they are. I do. And regardless of what she does, she will not be ready for the truth.”

The creature took a few steps toward Pan, who dropped to all fours, as if getting ready to sprint away.

“The Mistress will be ready for anything. Every possibility has been divined by her wisdom, and every ounce of potential will be harvested by us in her name, so that we may survive.”

“Why do you believe her now, when you ran from her enlightenment in the past,” the God asked, before beginning to flee. He did not get far, before the creature leaped toward him, huge white wings aiding him and allowing him to come crashing down on Pan.

“Because she has made me more than I was,” the creature said, wrapping an inky-black tendril around Pan’s neck. The God had exhausted too much of his own powers to resist, and felt whatever was remaining slowly sapped away by the creature. It then drew its weapon, an axe empowered in equal measure by titan’s blood and the soul of the creature trapped within. Pan felt the ground around him begin to freeze, inch by inch, as the tendril let go of him.

“You should have never forsaken me,” the creature said, before slashing at the God’s neck. Pan’s head separated from his shoulders, but the weapon caused whatever humors that burst from the wounds to freeze. His corpse quickly followed suit, his skin turning icy blue and his fur sloughing off. When his corpse was frozen solid, the creature’s single tendril turned into many, and lifted the corpse off the ground.

“Rise, my children,” it said, before tossing it in the direction of the petrified nymphs. The body shattered, and whatever tainted essence that had lingered found its way to the nymphs’ forms. Where once they were still, they began to twist and turn, as if reborn. Their beauty was replaced by infernal majesty, and one-by-one, the nymph-hags moved toward the creature, before bowing in subservience to their maker.

“The ritual is complete, my mistress.” And Hecate was now Goddess of Indulgence and Enlightenment.

Of House Basarab They Come
Neither Enemy nor Friend but Ally

A messenger tracks down the heroes, having spent many days without stopping or rest, carrying a message of the utmost importance. When he finally does find them, he collapses, holding a missive in his hands. Neither magical nor mundane methods of healing seem to rouse him back to consciousness. It appears he has given his life by some strange compulsion to make sure the heroes receive his message. When they read it, it bears the following text:

Commanders of the Thracian Legions,

Your efforts to undermine the tyranny of those that call themselves Gods has not gone unnoticed. Our peoples see the hunger of the Roman War Machine and know it will not be satiated when it has devoured all the souls in your lands, through wanton murder or enslavement of its peoples. As such, we desire to take the fight to the Romans and contribute to their defeat. We offer a blood oath to help defeat the Roman Legions, in exchange for service to be named at a later date.

We assure you service called for will be amenable to your terms, and be used to contend with the dark forces that are foes of all creation. We too fight against those things which are called by our peasantry as “the Terrors beyond the Mountains.” Though you do not know them by this name, we are certain you know of their true purpose in these lands, as do us.
Though we labor in service to forces different from those that pass as divine and good in your lands, we are all united against the greater evils that seek to extinguish all of creation. It is up to you if you wish to face such alone or united.

Send word, and our wisest Boyars will join your side with our mightiest of Blood Knights.

-Voivode Rustovich of House Basarab, Scions of the Great Kupala

As the letter is read, the hand of the messenger rises back up. It appears that the poor lad requires an answer, somehow.

Legendary Session 9
Totally Tuber, You All

Legendary Session 9:

We are assembled into a war council where we meet a familiar face, Democritus! All the commanders we’ve met come by as well, as well as D’lutha, the local paladin commander of Abderos.
Also, a dwarf druidess Torbera Dankil “Tuber” comes forward as a new party member.

To break the siege of Sparta, we should cut the supply train at the choke point of Megalopolis. We are given a scroll of lightshow to let them know to start the attack. Before we go, Mitzusa and Tuber go carousing. Tuber gets thrown in jail, Mitzusa makes a ton of money.

On the road down, we get hit by a bunch of arrows. It’s a bunch of wereboars sent by Hera to settle the score with Eyms, and Tuber drops Thor’s hammer down on them. Meanwhile, a nearly topless ranger runs in and joins in our slaughter. She is Electa of the Amazons. Eyms gets cursed with Lycanthropy again. Eyms loots the bodies and gets a giant gem, but he’s holdIng on to it to get uncursed.

Along the road, we noticed devastation the likes of which we’ve never seen. Not the ordered destruction of the Romans, but pure chaos. The nature types recall stories of their youth about great monsters spawned to fight the gods. Electa looks at the tracks and figures out that the creature has 4 different pairs of steps. It’s 2 creatures, hydrae.
We track them down, and we see what seems to be bodies, but it’s in fact just basically just armor.

It seems the hydra are a mated pair, according to a nearly dead Roman soldier. Seditious citizens of Teegee were said to have called to Echnida, Mother of Monsters, to have slain the monster. Electa goes to try call the hydras out and hey, what do you know, it works. Eyms leaps on its back and starts going to town on it. Tuber calls on her wolf friends to totally tackle the hydra. Carissa starts her own little Laser Floyd light show with scorching rays. Electa shows this colossus why she’s a slayer. Jason rolled very poorly, much to our benefits.

We enter the city and find a crowd of old men, widows, and orphans coming out of the town square. Tuber sees some legionnaires trying to escape and we stop them. The nearly dead legionnaire decides that they should die and executes them himself. We find four magic items: Tuber gets a rod of security, Eyms gets a Scintillating Robe, Electa gets studded leather of resistance, and Mitzusa gets a Robe of Stars. We donate the cash back to the town, except Mitzusa who keeps 750 gold. 3100 exp at the end, and so that puts us at 37,100.

Like A Stone
The Birth of the One-Winged Angel

“I did not want him…like this. And yet it fits him so well.”

“I apologize, mistress, but Serpaenia was unable to return him to his form before her…demise.”

“It does not matter,” the Dragon almost purred as it traced a claw down the statue of the adventurer’s face. It left a pretty deep mark, which began to bleed a strange, black ichor. “In this state, he will be unable to resist what I’ve got in store for him.” The hooded figure bowed, and took their leave. Eventually, the Dragon shifted into a humanoid form, albeit one with both elven and draconic features that were too perfectly melded together. She put on a sheer gown and then moved back to the statue. She then licked the ichor off its cheek, causing the ‘wound’ to ‘heal.’

“Ages ago, you stole something from me. But that is not what bothered me, Bariq. I could forgive such a sin…indeed…most of my followers at one time or another have slighted me in much worse ways. No…I was always coming after you because you took what could have been given freely…all you had to do was ask. But you never did ask…for the power…or forgiveness. And that is why you are here. I had not foreseen such misfortune, but these things have a way of always turning out my way.

“You and your friends should have listened to Serpaenia. She…and I…have the world’s best interests at heart. The others…they are misguided. Unwilling to do what is necessary. But you will see. Oh…how you will see.”

And with that, the woman tore one of the statue’s limbs off. More black ichor began to pour from the wound, but rather than cure it as she did before, the woman brought a strange and inhuman skeletal arm to it. Whispering strange incantations, it bonded to the wound. It then started thrashing in great pain, trying to lash out at the woman. Dark magic filled the room, uncontrolled by any logic or sanity of its statuesque caster.

“You will see,” is all she said, as she returned back to her draconic form and flew away.

Legendary Session 8
"If it's not Bariq, don't fix it..."

Legendary Session 8:

Having collected many of the plot tokens, we hop into the Dragon Wagon and head south toward Abderos when we come across a sight of viscera and gore along the road. It seems to be a pile of skulls. They seem to have been decapitated, and while Eyms and Mitzusa poking around the bones, a familiar, if badly charred, minotaur corpse rises up behind them, and he brought a few friends. Mitzy does a light(ning) show, Bariq Vitaxes some questions, and Eyms shows people why if the dragon wagon’s a’rocking, don’t come a’knocking.

We find lodged in the skeletons 4 diamonds worth 250 gold each. We also find a pair of spectacles (Eyes of Charming), a messy looking hat (hat of disguise), and a dagger with an intricately carved face on it (a dagger of warning) and a godsblood sickle +1 (). The skull of Osgow is also there and he tells us he was sent here by Hades to get revenge. We mount his head on the back of the wagon as break lights.

Abderos is not a very large town, but it’s a very lawful good city, founded on the honor of Hercules. Eyms loves it. There’s a lot of rabblerousing, whirlwind romances, and cooking classes, but we go to the commander’s office, but apparently there is a fight for the control. It’s a meritocracy, and the apparent leader has claimed to have slain a medusa living in the cave. He claims to have buried the head. When we go to find it, something has stolen it. Turns out he was lying. We talk to the medusa and she’s a servant of Hecate, but she doesn’t immediately attack us, she tells us that Hecate has bigger fish to fry, apparently. The titan’s blood apparently doesn’t come from titans, but from something greater. Apparently, the gods are not nearly as powerful as they claim. Something something stars are aligning, Cthulu.

Eyms goes off into a corner, taking a bit of the spotlight to try to choose his religion and finds that Hera isn’t talking to him anymore. Screw her! Eyms knows the path of righteousness, and he doesn’t need a god for that. He’ll make his own pantheon. With blackjack and hookers!

But then we rebuff her attempts to sway us from the path, and she attacks, turning Bariq into statuary. The rest of the party slays the beast, and we seek out the Abderans to save Bariq but when we return, his statue is gone. Don’t worry, I’m sure Bariq will return later, with long flowing hair or a scar and bitchin’ tattoos, all kitted out in black leather, to face us just before we reach the Well of Souls or something like that. In its place we find 4,500 gp, a ring of regeneration, a staff of thunder and lightning, a dancing sword, and a spellguard shield. Eyms takes control of the legion, and they march south! We gain a new party member as well.

25000 + 9,000 = 34,000 Level 8!


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