Legendary - War of the Gods

War. War Never Changes.

The Epilogue

In the days after the death of the Olympians, the Heroes of the North each went their separate ways. Electa, denied her promised rewards by the spirit of Ares, journeyed to Carpathia, to sponsor the Uranian Brotherhood’s bid for power. They were a fertile ground, weak and leaderless, where she could create a cult of battle to send again and again against the Blood Knights and the Vyvod. Above it all, she stood watch, tactically ensuring that the stalemate was never ended, and that blood drenched the lands.

Eyms and Tuber journeyed to the lands of the Northmen, where Eyms stopped at the city of New Tscho Vulpanomi. He stayed among the half-orcs there, training them and establishing the city. He founded a monastery of philosopher-warriors, dedicated to a great Logos. For he had seen an ordered multiverse, and strove to protect this world from all that would come. In time, he and select members of his order travelled south, spreading the word. In Abderos, he found willing ears in the previously emptied temples of Herkules. In Sparta, many joined his banner, though they were weary of battle. It was here where he heard of the constant troubles among the Vyvod. Given the chance to free the people there from strife, he and his armies marched for Carpathia. It is uncertain what occurred there, for most never returned, but Decius Pastor, Knight Commander of the Logos, still maintains he receives word from Eyms.

Tuber returned to Hyberboria to a hero’s welcome, paraded through the city on the back of Friendzy. She took the accolades in stride, but set her sights on finding her sister. She soon wandered back into the forest, trying to find any trace of her vanished twin. The Northmen lauded her devotion to family, placing her as a paragon of her people. Legend says she still wanders amidst the forests, and the Northmen leave offerings to her for the protection or safe journeys of family who must travel.

And Mitzusa? No longer satisfied by the scope of the world, she opened a dimension door to the multiverse and never looked back. There were many more worlds to scheme in, many more tricks to pull, and many more taverns to carouse in.


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