Legendary - War of the Gods

Legendary Session 15

Totally Not Vampires, Oh Wait Surprise Vampires!

Legendario: Los Dias del dioses. As we approach the castle, we see resplendent knights and with their leader, in a dragon headed helm. She introduces herself as the Vyvod Livia Rustovich, who wishes to join us in our quest to slay the Gods. She invites us to a feast. Jason goes out of his way to say she’s breathing, so she appears to be not a vampire.

Chained to stakes in the ground, there are four prisoners who have been obviously not treated well. One is a Roman Legion Spy. One is a Weretiger, called a garou. One is a wererat, who is able to speak, and begs for his life. The last is a member Uranian Brotherhood who are trying to “liberate” the lands for the “All-Father”. Livia gives us the choice as to what to do with these prisoners. We give Livia the Spy and the Weretiger, and she impales them. We set the wererat and Brother free to follow them with spies later. Electa goes to follow the rat. The rest of the party goes into castle, and finds another pike with a man who looks strikingly like Livia who has been impaled on said pike, for quiet some time. Yet somehow he speaks. He begs for us to release him. He requires us to kill Livia in order to free him. Eyms walks away from this guy, because he remembers that the old Vyvod was a tyrant. Meanwhile, Mitzusa seems a little more open to gaining a powerful friend in this land. The seneschal ushers us into the castle hurriedly.

Electa goes after the Uranian and finds him entering into a tavern which is stealthily marked with a U. Unfortunately, she fails a con save when she makes the obvious search.

Meanwhile, Livia offers the party owlbear stew (so rich, so hearty, so deliketable) and offers us more titansblood weapons if we can survive the test of the Cathedral of Flesh and the garou who are camped outside. Also, trapped in the Cathedral are Livia’s sister (Ludimilla) and the Unnamed brother.

[Meanwhile, Eyms learns that Owlbears, despite being named as bears, are more closely related to racoons.]

Electa wakes up in a linen shift in a nicer room of the tavern. The Uranian Brother, now named Elias, speaks with Electa and gives her more information about the All-Father; the cult of the All-Father sounds a lot like a cult of Zeus because the All-Father is an enemy of the god of war and god of death. Elias is also revealed as a scion, a hemi-god, of the All-Father. He offers Electa an allegiance.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Mitzusa and Tuber peruse the library while Eyms learns how to make Owlbear stew and Myconid Pudding. We also get fine riding mounts. Electa returns at this time.

As we travel to the Cathedral of Flesh, we notice that all the creatures here are vile and corrupted, the more corrupt the closer we get to this jagged hill with stones made up seemingly petrified people. The Cathedral is a massive thing, a mountain, yet it seems to be shifting and living.

There is a camp of Lycanthropes in front of the cathedrals with a shrine to Hera in the distance. Eyms strides biscuitfully into the camp to speak to the leader, a weird half-tiger shamaness, and manages to find out that they claim ties to the lands just as much as the Rustovich’s and don’t want to leave. He does intimidate her into letting them into the Cathedral unmolested.

The party reaches the entrance to the door, just a rising column of bones. Tuber strikes it with her Thunder Staff and Eyms cracks it with his Sword of Gods’ Slaughter. The first room is made of giant ribs. Only instead of a giant rib bone, each bone is made up of fused human ribcages. The second room is made of monster bones, which seems to be shifting and moving around. We meet two large malformed bears surrounding a collared owlbear.

We quickly make mincebear of the creatures, and Tuber makes a new friend in the owlbear.. The fourth room is filled with upturned leather furniture that on close inspection is quivering human leather. Hiding in the room we find three men in yellow cloaks. Electa reveals that she has made a semi-alliance with the Uranians, much to Eyms’s befuzzlement. She lets them loose. The door leading deeper in is covered in the strange leather and also has thorns in a strange hand print pattern. It’s a blood passage. We make it through

The next room is filled with sigils that glow with reddish green light. Mitzusa tells us that these sigils are a diary that corroborates a lot of Livia’s story, but is tinged with madness. Eyms assumes it’s Ludmilla’s stories. The story unfolds that there was always internecine fighting within the Vyvod when they weren’t fighting the Things from Beyond the Mountains.

We enter the next room which is filled with musty books and see a seeming-man scribbling with a human finger as a pen. He is touched with madness, and introduces himself as Yuric, the creator of the Cathedral of Flesh. He offers us knowledge in exchange for a chance to feed. Eyms realizes this a vampire and is about to try to smite it when Electa offers up her neck. Yuric lets us know that Koopla is a child of the Primordials (a Titan perhaps?). It it a protector of the children of stone, and the first tribe to offer sacrifices was called Garou. Then the Rustovichs took power.

The All-Father is child of the Primordials who wears the skins of a dead God. But Yuric won’t tell us more until Eyms offers up his neck too when he finds that the dead God was a god of storms. Electa and Eyms get gems. Mitzusa searches the books and finds a Tome of Understanding. Tuber finds Manuel of Flesh Golems.

Tuber and Electa mount up on Friendzy the Owlbear and we enter into a torture chamber. Two ghostly torturers appear and offers a chance to suffer for knowledge or suffer with ignorance. Eyms and Electa choose ignorance, but Mitzusa and Tuber choose enlightenment. They lose a third of their hitpoints and gain the Toughness feat as they go through the ringer psychologically.

The next room smells terrible and we see the cages are lined up against the wall. They are filled with animals in various states of life. When Eyms tries to free a cat from its cage, it disappears and then reappears because oh God why. But luckily Friendzy has a key on her collar.

The next room has 8 polished wooden chairs, carved in different patterns. The only door that appeared had this upon it: “Though the world is but an illusion felt before death, the mind is as powerful as any flame upon it.”

We answer the question and enter a room with a tomb in it. The pillars are carved with reliefs of warriors and before the tomb is a statue of a woman who seems to be asleep than stone, a woman who could be a double of Livia. After dealing with madness, we manage to make it to be in a webbing filled room. At the bottom of the room is a goblin corpse and a beholder corpse that appears to be Vadero, Vaderough, Vaderoh, Badero, and Nansee.

It tells us “The horde must be filled, give or we will take.” Eyms puts his gem into the corpses, and the corpses disappear and all treasure, save a Dick/Deck of Many Things. Electa turns lawful evil, but comes out great. Mitzusa loses all her non-magical stuff and gets dumber, but gets a neat cloak. Tuber gets swallowed into a black gem.

The next room is filled with large bone spears with various victims on the spikes. Four of the victims are werewolves with black fur, two blood knights, and various Romans and others. There stands a man who looks like Livia and Yuric, but who reveals himself to be Livia’s brother. He demands our baubles, but Eyms isn’t having any of it. After nearly dying, the party is victorious.

We move into the next room, which is a treasure hoard. In there is a bag of holding, a hammer of throwing, efreeti chain, mithral armor, and a holy avenger. We also scoop up 10,000 gold of loose ingots.

We solve the next poozle handily.

We enter into another weird fleshy tunnel with weird skulls and moaning faces in the walls. The walls narrow until we reach a part of the passage where a near clone of Livia is there. She holds a crystal ball. We see the spirit of Tuber fly past her. She is melded into the floor of flesh. We ask her where Tuber is. She points to the door. Electa and Mitzusa go a little crazy and Electa kills Ludmilla.

The final room is bare save for a golden statue of a six eyed demon with slots for baubles. And on the floor is ivory dagger. We have exactly six baubles, and slot them in. The statue melts into a golden stair case among the flesh. We enter into a ginourmous room which lacks the flesh and gold motif, but there are platinum walls with typographs.

The typographs read as follows: “The realm is constantly in flux; those that consider themselves god and goddess are touched by the true force of the universe’s creation – the Primordials. Though the Primordials pieced together the world from the tattered remains of its previous incarnation, it is those powerful figures that rise up and claim godhood, constantly rebelling against their ‘makers.’

“God and goddess alike come from different place and time; they found themselves upon what is called Gaia, though they may have survived from the realm before or stumbled here another dimension entirely. For a time they unite, shepherding the apes or amphibians that crawl and teach them to walk.

“There is always peace for a time, as deities plot against each other in the name of virtue and destiny…but peace never lasts. Feeling the Primordials stir, the deities bring their machinations to light. And it is in their conflicts that the Primordials truly gain power, not from without, but from within the gods themselves.

“As gods turn into that which they fear the most, their pawns will rise. The power of the Primordials will live on in their veins, and if the gods do not destroy each other, their childer shall, beginning the cycle anew."

As the party heads further down the tunnel, they find a dragon corpse, wrapped up in rune-inscribed funerary bandages. It is Hecate, but the missing three heads reveal that this is buy one of her tripartite aspects. The aspect we have been fighting has been the Queen, the Mother of Monsters. This dragon is the Crone, and it has been made hidden here. The Maiden form is definitely missing, and we are uncertain as to which is However, the bandages reveal that the Hag has been a source of magic, independent of the Primordials. It has survived for so long that it splintered into the tripartite souls, and that is why it, Kupala, leaks out the Titan’s Blood.

The party, stunned by this revelation, decides to let the sleeping gods lie, and collect up a ton of titan’s blood. How much? Enough. As we do this, Bariq enters in, revealing that he’s been following us all this time. He knocks Eyms to the side with his weird tentacular action. Bariq goes to the Hag’s form, trying to awaken it, flying above it. The dragon stirs and opens its maw toward the Mother’s Chosen, creating a vortex that sucks out all of Bariq’s energy, whipping off his tentacle. What was stolen can be returned after all. Bariq, once the harbinger of the great Mother, is now back to what he started as. A wretched outcast and thief. Eyms is moved by pity for the creature, and lets Bariq back into the party, the poor shell of a man.

Further, Eyms took this knowledge as proof that there was a higher power, a greater ideal than these petty gods squabbling over territories. This Logos has a plan, a reckoning for these coming days. And Eyms is Vengeance, Eyms is the Night, Eyms is a Paladin!

Oh, and then Livia is waiting outside of the cave and offers her aid now that we know what she knows. And then she turns into mist because, Surprise! Vampires!


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