Legendary - War of the Gods

Legendary Session 13

Princes of the Universe

Legendary Session 13:
The Fall of Sparta?

Sparta will stand or fall, based on our decisions… and dice rolls.

There is a wave of bloodlust rolling through both sides, and the various priests find that their supplicants are not praying for victory, but for battle.

Vultures, both literal and figurative are circling, awaiting.

It is a blood moon, and even the day clouds are tinged red.

Every so often, there is a sort

Wis or Int +Proficienty, DC 14, +1 for every failure.

10 success wins a battle.

Before the battle, Psuedo-Sulla steps out and tries to parley, but Eyms talks back to him.

The battle soon turns against the Romans as Eyms soon falls prey to the bloodlust. He’s got the bloodlust, just like Columbus. He tells his half-orcs that the Romans called them half-men, and to turn them into literal halves of men. He tells the Abderans that they were called boy-lovers, so take it out on their assholes. The Thracians and half-orcs and the Marianists fall prey to the same bloodlust.

Eventually, the heroes manage to rein in their emotions and turn the tides of their troops; Mitzusa pulls a compression algorithm on the male troops “spears” while Tuber creates water for wet t-shirt contests for the ladies. Hey. Whatever works, am I right?

Mars comes down from skies, and gives the heroes the chance to join or die.

Eyms tells Mars that he’d rather die a man than live as a dog at his feet. Tuber had her monkeys fling poo at him. Mitzusa told him that gods were replacable.

After Electa and Eyms get knocked down to zero hp a few times and we use up all our spell slots and superiority dice and blow our magic items. It’s Tuber, in Eagle form, deals the felling blow. The fallen god tells us we have doomed the world by not following the script. Eyms performs the coup de grace with his Godslayer, which turns into the Sword of God’s Slaughter. With the final blow, Mars/Ares implodes, scattering the crew. The party absorbs some of the energy of slaughter, and Eyms, exposed to this chaos, finds his belief in the great Logos slipping (and his alignment slides into neutral good, almost chaos side). We gain two levels.


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