Legendary - War of the Gods

Legendary Session 12

Pay the Ferryman

Legendary Session 12: Pay the Ferryman.

With our amassed rainbow coalition legions, we march on Sparta, where we are met by a Spartan messenger, bearing a scroll. It brings news that the Romans have begun their final assault after a failed attempt of diplomacy.

Decius Pastor, the Northmen Council, and the various Legion leaders, are divided upon a course of action. Rome remains a force in the West, and could mount a counterattack if given a time

Legions can send a third of their legions to attack, leaving a sizable force for defense afterwards. Also, the reduced size would be faster to enter the fray, maybe giving enough time for the Spartans to engage in a counter attack.

Full Assault: Slow to get there, where the Spartans may get killed. And also, the legions would likely get hurt.

Send One Whole Legion supplemented by 1/5th of all the legions. It will rely solely on the Spartans for the attack.

When pressed, Pastor says that even if Sulla is slain, there will be more conquerors eventually, but in this time, we’d buy a little bit of time.

We come up with a 4th option, involving sending our Romans in as trojan horses.

Off in the distance, we see a large obelisk standing among several fallen oblesisk. It’s glowing a faint white light. As Eyms approaches the obelisk, he knows it’s an Obelisk of Hera. There is a rustling in the woods, and four people emerge from within, one hunched over and bent. One glares at us, baring a mouth with nothing but the canines. The female is quite beautiful, but is looking through us, not at us. “You should leave,” she says.

Apparently, Hera has been building these obelisks as wards for the great eventuality. (It’s a cut scene explaining the deaths of Aphrodite and Pan in game).

Eventually, we arrive at a really large river, which is strange, because there are normally no rivers here. We find that the river smells clean, but it’s so large it appears to be an ocean. (Mitzusa bottles some of the water). We can find no way across it. As day turns to night, a ferry comes out of the mists, coming from the south. It is manned by a skeleton in armor and a captain’s hat, coming up from beneath the river. It says that we must pay the price of Wisdom, Wonder, and War.

Eventually, we pay the tolls (Eyms and Mitzusa answer riddles, Tuber pays with the knowledge of her spell Call Lightning for a time, and Electa, unbeknownst to the others, has the price of killing Sulla).

The city of the parley site is really depressing, filled with urchins. Apparently, because it has been neutral, it’s been a bad place to live in because no one wants to help them out.

While the party carouses, Electa finds out that the Roman Senate is losing faith in Sulla, especially because there are rumors of Dark Centurions, led by an undead leader, possibly Marius come back from the Dead. Tuber makes an enemy. Mitzusa gets a lover who travels with us. There are new Gods, Eyms finds, who are more of concepts (like the God of Conquest and Mother of Wisdom) rather than actual names.

Sulla arrives, and sends us words to meet in a manse across the street from an abandoned temple of Roman gods.

Clad in glorious golden armor, a red-haired, ruggedly handsome man stands there as we enter. As Eyms approaches him, he recognizes that he radiates a dark aura.

“I appreciate that you have come to parley with honor,” he says. He explains that he is like Sisyphus and the boulder he pushes is the boulder of destiny, and that fate has a terrible destiny for all mortals. War priests have taken the place of Ares’s church. The God of Conquest, who was thought as Mars, but it seems it is becoming greater. (OOC: Xenagos). There is one outcome that must stopped, according to Sulla, is that Mars must not ascend. In order to do so, Mars must have a slaughter. So there are two options, according to Sulla. Defeat the legions, but grant clemency in order to keep the slaughter low, or let Sparta die. Eyms disagrees, and says the only way is to demoralize the Romans to prevent the God of Conquest from trying again. Sulla says he can’t honorably do that. Meanwhile, while the faceoff is happening, Electa decides to pay the ferryman. Roll for initiative!

After we drop Sulla to 0 HP, he turns into mist. Thankfully, Electa had cast a spell letting her track him, and we track him down to his super sekret lair, only to find him in the tentacles of Nega-Bariq. Nega-Bariq knocks Electa out when she tries to attack him for killstealing. He offers us a job again, but Mitzusa gets radiant fireball power from Athena, so Bariq leaves.

2500 exp gets us 50,500 exp
4000 gp
Gladius of Sulla: a short vorpal sword. A Book of Leadership of Influence, .


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