Legendary - War of the Gods

Legendary Session 10

Your Ass Must Be Dragon.

Legendary Session 10:

We get a messenger from the Scions of the Great Kupla offering us aid for an unspecified favor.
To the East of the Danube, Mitzusa knows there are variants of the Northmen who are rulers of the land who are not neccesarily benign rulers, but who keep things running and possibly truck with malign spirits who maybe require sacrifices of their own people. We ask for more questions for the unspecified favor (we punt the ball for a later session, hopefully for no ill effects)

Outside of Megalopolis, the Gleaming Goat is a tavern that serves as a meeting place for the resistance. Electa and Tuber go scout out the tavern. Electa finds a man who seems to be in charge of the resistance and manages to try a seduction roll which actually works out. She leads him to the Dragon Wagon.

His name is Julius Aurelius Grauchus. He is a spy from the Marian faction. Apparently the city is in chaos. The Praetor Typonhicus, took control of the city with a secret strike. But there is a guerrila resisantcance, but the Romans are trucking with Southern allies who are inhuman and serpentine, and have been setting up shrines to the Cult of Set.

We set up a montage wherein Eyms and Tuber start observing the Romans (and find nothing), and Electa and Mitzusa find sympathetic Greeks who are being flogged and a brothel which has been taken over by Settites.

We find a passage into the fort through the dungeon and we run into a pair of vampires and we find a pair of strange pipes (pipes of haunting) on their decapitated corpses. We climb up the body chute and run into a grand inquisitor of Set torturing a body. Eyms manages to stare it down, and gets a pass up to see Typhonicus. The heroes pass a bunch of really bad shit. Before we get there, Eyms asks for a bath to wash all the shit off of them, and gets led to an indulgence chamber of all the kinds of decadence. It feels as though this decadence is a ritual chamber which is giving power to the dark guards. All the ladies fail their will saves and join the party. Eyms cries sad tears.

We get taken to Typhonicus’s office, and he makes the same Hecate offer that the medusa made. We refuse him again and guess what, he’s a dragon.

He chooses to kill us himself in order to take our experiences into himself. Eyms pops his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (luckily the dragon makes its save). But Tasha’s Hideous Laughter rolls it around hilariously until Electa mounts its back. Tuber tries to summon a wolf but gets an awesome Winter Wolf as a creature, which dies in a literal blaze of glory, soaking up a full round of dragon attacks as Mitzusa keeps dropping tons of magic sex missiles (don’t ask) on the creature. Eyms silences the dragon at last, sending him tumbling into the doric or ionic columns, forcing the party to hide out in the treasure room until the next adventure zone.


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