Legendary - War of the Gods

Deicide Infinito

The End of Things, Part II

“I don’t think you’ve thought things through,” Aphrodite said, fighting tears as Zeus felled the last of her defenders with relative ease. In preparation for the darkness ahead, the goddess had gathered the strongest of her most devout and encouraged them to indulge in their lusts. In between revelry, they had fortified Cypress for any navy that Ares could muster and had sent diplomats to hammer out peace on the mortal side of things with the Romans. Her divine magic allowed for the opinions of many to be swayed in her favor, and those who held onto contrasting faith were exiled. She thought she was safe, but the King of All Gods did not need a navy to overwhelm her island’s defenses.

Upon a massive kraken, Zeus assailed the island’s fortifications. His own, more destructive magics wreaked havoc upon defenders who did not meet their ends in the gaping maw of the gigantic beast. The city was beset with an army of merrow, nefarious seafolk who worshipped terrible beasts such as the one that was dominated by Zeus. And when the remaining forces retreated to the temple-fort that held Aphrodite and her most loyal retinue, the God-King stepped from the top of the kraken’s head and turned to his own forces.

“I will finish this myself, to show the world the might of my wrath,” he said to the Kraken and its worshippers. It was unclear if he intended the message as a threat to them or prophecy. Sufficiently cowed, the beasts retreated to the sea save for the Kraken, which seemed, for some reason, to consider the statement for longer than the rest. It then sloughed back to its dominion, leaving Zeus to blast open the huge gates of the temple-fort with intense, white-hot lightning. Though the gladiators that defended Aphrodite were among the most fierce in the land, they were not a unified fighting force on par with any legion, and one-by-one were pierced with either his thunderbolt or the trident he wielded in the other hand. Aphrodite’s handmaidens chanted, hoping to unleash misbegotten divine wrath on the tyrant, but to no avail. One thunderclap knocked all of them to the ground, shattering the bones in their bodies. Finally, he approached the altar of the goddess herself. She dropped to her knees, realizing at that moment the futility of both their situations.

“You are doing what has been done numerous times before,” Aphrodite said.

“Coming from you, that is quite the understatement,” the God-King responded, her pleas falling on deaf ears. His arrogance gave him pause, hoping to hear more begging for mercy.

“How can you not see, you are…”

When they did not come, he pierced her with both weapons. He then lifted her up, letting her body become further impaled upon them. Her blood began to drip down them, before he began to chant incantations that were vaguely familiar to the Goddess, in her last moments of life.

“Those words…you mon,” were the last things she said, before he twisted the blades inside her and caused her to scream in pain. The divinity within her form was violently ripped from her, causing much of it to be lost to entropy as the blood that did not land on Zeus blackened. Soon, the tyrant dropped his weapons and let her lifeless body fall to the ground. Placing his hands on his chest, the absorption of her power gave him pleasure he had not felt in millennia.

When he saw how much of her power had been lost, he wondered to himself.

“There has got to be a more…efficient way.”


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